"Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure."- Albert Einstein

About Vita Motus Design Studio

Founded in 2006 by C.E.O. Heather Shaw, Vita Motus is a multi-disciplinary design firm that implements innovative techniques to create products and environments, which set trends and forge new paths in the entertainment and design industries. Driven by a balance of artistic passion and industrial design expertise, Vita Motus has extensive experience working in automotive, interactive, & environmental designs, as well as TV and live theater sets, traveling tour stages and product development and design.

In the music industry specifically, Vita Motus has built and created the vision for innumerable ground-breaking, high-tech, 3D mapped touring stages for top clients such as Amon Tobin, Infected Mushroom, and acclaimed television show American Idol. Our work also has manifested in the creation, design/build of stage installations for festivals world wide to create shade and encompass the musical acts from supporting stages to main stages, for clients like Coachella, Boom Festival, Elkectric Picnic and more.

Featured clients include: American Idol, Audi, Volkswagen, The Do Lab, Lexus, o2 Creative Solutions, Amon Tobin, / ISAM Tour, Infected Mushroom, Taylor Swift, Speakercraft, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Goldenvoice, Beticketing, NinjaTune, Boom Festival, Electric Picnic, NXTM, Stanford University, Gaias Automotive, Sebastian Copeland and more...

The Design Process... hear_create_deliver

hear_The research phase will begin by working alongside the client or creative director to discover the basic parameters of a project. Our objective is to answer important questions like, 'What is the product?', 'Who will it be for?', 'How does it need to function?', etc... Although this process will vary between clients and projects, it always requires an avant-garde approach and discovery exercises to inform consumer research.

create_Following this, we focus on design inspiration, and revealing the story and passion behind a creation. This crucial moment shapes the difference between convention and innovation. At Vita Motus we like to analyze the project in unique ways and in doing so, functional aspects can reveal extraordinary design opportunities. Fusing artistic inspiration and passion with industrial design rational and research methods, has successfully helped us to overcome challenges and paved the way to discovering new opportunities. Once a series of concepts exists, the story is chosen and the sketch phase can begin. This 'Sketch and Review' phase incorporates rough design illustrations and renderings that are finalized as a comprehensive design solution.

deliver_At the point the design solution is refined. CAD files will be created to lead into the development of the product. Prototypes can be built, tested and refined from these files. Prototypes are used to push toward tangible evidence at every stage of the innovation journey. Prototypes are increasingly valuable as we tackle more abstract design concepts. Here we begin discussing fabrication and implementation of the final production. It is of great importance at this moment to collaborate with the right teams for fabrication, technology, manufacturing or production.

About the CEO

Heather Shaw founder of Vitamotus design firm, boasts a multidimensional career in environmental, industrial, and transportation design with a conscious emphasis on functional purpose, sustainable production and non-toxic materials. With a BS in industrial/transportation design from Art Center College, she began her career designing cars for Audi / Volkswagen from 2004- 2009, specializing in Concept Vehicle Designs and future energy products at Audi. Actively co-designing large-scale art and entertainment installations with The Do Lab for the past five years, Heather has became known for her specialization in 360-degree interactive designs that have premiered globally. The attention these designs have garnered, opened additional opportunities in trade show booths, vehicle launches and showcasing new technology in creative ways.