Fabrication | Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer

Boom Festival | Dance Temple 2012 - The Do Lab and Vita Motus joined creative forces again with Boom Festival to build the biggest project any of us have ever created.

CONCEPT | The extraordinary level of international artistic talent that the Boom Festival attracts made the Dance Temple uniquely challenging. In an effort to introduce a wholly original structure that embodies the music for this stage, Vita Motus co-designed this stage with the Do LaB for use as an interactive dance and performance space, centrally located as an integral part of the festival, to house and shade 30,000 people.
  • TEAM |
  • THE DO LAB Fabricator / Producer
  • JOSH FLEMMING Co-Designer / Art Direction & Design / Fabrication Manager
  • BOOM FESTIVAL Producer / Fabricator
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