Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer | Fabrication

WATER CHANDELIER_Marquee Club_Las Vegas 2012 - Do Lab and Vita Motus designed and fabricated a chandelier water-sculpture that is currently installed over the pool at the roof top Marquee Club in Las Vegas.

CONCEPT | The concept for this design was to include an amazing water element that was designed into the sculpture.  We wanted the chandelier to look affected by the water so we purposefully patina-ed the metal wings.  The piece is crafted of coper, silver, brass and steel.  Through the center of the chandelier and plunging downward, there are industrial style plumbing pipes imbedded with the chandelier crystals dripping below it.  Water flows down and around the crystals, while also misting from the wings.  Out from the high point on the top, there is a fountain like water spout... dousing the viewers from below.  
DELIVERABLES | Insomiac and Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas commissioned Vita Motus and The Do Lab to create and chandelier that would be suspended above the pool at the Marquee club on the roof of the hotel. This chandelier was to be Insomniac branded and be a suspended water fountain 18 feet above the pool.
  • TEAM |
  • ADAM TENENDALM Water Systems
  • HEATHER SHAW Art Direction & Design / Co-Designer / Fabricator
  • JOSH FLEMMING Co-Designer / Fabrication Manager
  • THE DO LAB Installation
  • JODY LEVY Producer
  • SHIRA LOA Metal Fabricator