Graphic Design


  • web design
  • branding
  • logo design
  • business card design
  • print work
  • User Interface design
  • posters, flyer, books
  • business collateral
  • cd / DVD covers
  • Corporate identity
  • illustrations

Environmental Design


  • 360 degree festival environments
  • touring stages
  • free standing sculpture
  • Trade show booths
  • Temporary structures
  • 3-D modeling and design
  • planning | build development
  • Fabrication Plans
  • on-site build & project management
  • creative environmental concept solutions

Industrial Design


  • advanced concept design
  • alternative energy platforms
  • innovative product strategy
  • creative r&D
  • exterior | interior design
  • concept | production cars
  • product design
  • team development
  • customer research
  • branding

Environmental Design Services

Vita Motus has designed, built, used and/or consulted on numerous innovative environments around the world and can leverage and apply this experience to ensure client success. Trained in industrial design, we are known for taking a step beyond dreaming to applying revolutionary new concepts for clients and in so doing, placing them at the forefront of new trends in technology, design and environments.

We are responsible for collaborating between the entire creative team to envision a seamless cutting-edge design and then bring the details of this environment to the technical director, production manager, fabrication houses and more to apply. The communication process includes the creation of scale models, renderings, elevations and scale construction drawings to integrate and ensure concept to reality.

Vita Motus has worked extensively with robotics, projection mapping, architectural environments, creative lighting design and custom LED's and unique custom world for festivals and events. We can provide complete setup crews or key members to integrate with existing crews. Vita Motus has worked with and partnered with some of the most talented staff in the industry in the areas of lighting design & programming, audio engineering, AV specialization, stagehands, technicians, riggers and much more...

Our areas of expertise include: Production Design, Creative Concept Development, Construction and Fabrication, Production, Brand Integration, Concert Touring and Art Direction.

"It must be new, it must be wild, it must be unique, or it's not worth building."

Graphic Design Services

In the Graphic design department, we offer creative services in high-quality website, storefronts, and blog development, as well as logo design and print layout and design. We will successfully develop the right image and branding for your company by working with you to understand your business and develop marketing collateral that is aligned with your company's vision.

From the creative communication to applying hardware & software solutions, we have leading partners in the industry to provide solutions and implement all of your graphic and technical needs.

Our extensive experience in developing professional marketing strategies ranges from revamping your brand, to promoting avenues for social media presence. Our solutions are individually customized based on client needs.

Industrial Design Services

At Vita Motus we approach our unique and innovative designs in a way that will interact intelligently and appropriately to the needs of a specific consumer. Our benchmarking, research, inspiration and consumer profiling culminate to push boundaries and create products that resonate with the user and satisfy their unspoken needs. We set up user experience programs that can dive into the everyday lives of the user that drives and informs a seamless integration of innovation and function. At Vita Motus we know that as designers we have a responsibility to make smart choices and pave new roads in order to develop life-changing solutions.

Vita Motus' development process implements distinct key values to accomplish goals specific to your unique product. Our design thinking is rooted and influenced from the Automotive market to build strong identities and create an aesthetic masterpiece every time. Working alongside of you, we will make a comprehensive design plan that considers your internal resources and establishes a design strategy, which integrates our capabilities with yours. We steer the concept into fabrication and production realities so the product takes on form and scale. We investigate and assess a variety of manufacturing processes to determine what effect each would have on the final function, form and cost.

Capabilities include computer-aided design, rendering and communication, fabrication and build specs to manufacturing, and 3-D solid modeling with translation for stereo lithography, model-making and prototyping.