Art Direction & 3D CAD | Concept Inception | Production Design

Amon Tobin_ ISAM tour_ 2012/13 - This high-tech concept references the digital roots of the music through a dynamic 2-Bit / pixel sculpture that comes alive when 3D projection mapped. This stage first premiered in 2011 and is currently touring the world with consecutive sold out shows.

CONCEPT | Spearheading the initial concept for Amon, I wanted to come up with something innovative, that no one had seen before.  After listening to his blend of organic and technical-based music from the ISAM album, I created a digitally inspired concept by using a 2-Bit / pixel sculpture that would articulate this when 3D mapped with some of the most incredible digital projection ever seen.  It features an array of interconnected pixels, including one central stack that acts as Amon's cube.  Acute attention and intention went into the placement of each piece to create and propose a surreal 3 dimensional space.  It is a 2.5-ton structure made of wood and steel.  Two sides of each box face the audiences at 45 degrees so the projections hit both sides for an extreme 3-D effect. The negative space and elements that appear to defy gravity are situated purposefully around Amon Cube, a semi-transparent control room where he plays his music and tweaks visual components to lend a sense of spontaneity to the overall experience. The unique success of this concept has spread world wide and the digital mapping through this particular sculpture has been undeniably unmatched.
DELIVERABLES | Develop and Design a mind blowing stage concept to launch Amon's new album. This stage has been launched and is currently touring with Amon all over the world for 2011/12.
  • TEAM |
  • ALEX LAZARUS Producer
  • HEATHER SHAW Art Direction & Design / Concept Inception / Production Design
  • STEFANO NOVELLI Fabrication
  • VSQUARED LABS Visual Content Development