Production Design | Art Direction & 3D CAD | Concept Inception

Amon Tobin | ISAM Tour 2012 / 2013 - Art Direction & Stage Design

CONCEPT | Spearheading the initial concept for Amon, Vita Motus set out to create something innovative, that no one had seen before. After listening to his blend of organic and technical-based music from the ISAM album, we created a digitally inspired concept by using a 2-Bit / pixel sculpture that would articulate this when 3D mapped with some of the most incredible digital projection ever seen. It featured an array of interconnected pixels, including a centralized stack to act as Amon’s cube,...
  • TEAM |
  • ALEX LAZARUS Producer
  • HEATHER SHAW Art Direction & Design / Production Design / Concept Inception
  • STEFANO NOVELLI Fabrication
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