• Art Direction | Art Direction & 3D CAD | Creative Director | Production Design

    Absolut NIGHTS_ Zedd_ Brooklyn, NY_ 2014

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Production Design

    PHARRELL WILLIAMS_ Coachella Headline show_ Indio, CA_ 2014

    Vita Motus was contacted 3.5 weeks prior to the launch of Pharell’s Coachella 2014 performance. With a very tight turn time we creatively approached what would turn out to be one of the most talked about performances of Coachella 2014.

  • Art Direction | Creative Director | Executive Produced | Production Design

    A$AP ROCKY_ Touring Stage_ 2014

  • Art Direction | Creative Development | Production Design


    Vita Motus designed a tunnel like multidimensional 3-d mapped structure with a holographic representation of two artists. The two artists would conceptually travel through this tunnel into a different city to make the world first simultaneous holographic duet.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Cheif Designer | Concept Inception | Production Design

    SMIRNOFF EXPERIENCE_ Nero & Rusko_ Bangalore, India_ 2013

    Vita Motus was contracted by VICE Media to design and project manage the installation of the Cloud 2.0, a 4-D projection mapping and lighting experience. Potentially, the largest projection mapped dj booth in the world.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Concept Inception | Production Design

    Amon Tobin_ ISAM tour_ 2012/13

    This high-tech concept references the digital roots of the music through a dynamic 2-Bit / pixel sculpture that comes alive when 3D projection mapped. This stage first premiered in 2011 and is currently touring the world with consecutive sold out shows.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer | Creative Development

    THE DO LAB_ Coachella Structures and Media Chandelier_2014

  • Art Direction | Concept Inception | Executive Produced | Production Design

    Audion_ Subvertical_ Touring Stage _2014 CURRENTLY TOURING

    The Audion live show is distinguished as the result of art from different mediums colliding. A unique collaboration of sound, sculpture and media to entice the brain. The upcoming album has evoked a mathematical puzzle of light, media and logic that will leave audiences in wonder.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Cheif Designer | Concept Inception | Executive Produced | Production Design

    Bingo Players_Static BOOM Stage_2013 CURRENTLY TOURING 2013

    A unique, iconic adventure of sound designed to be youthful, fun and energetic for the Bingo Players tour. This high tech blend of modular, rear projection speaker cones, boom boxes and LED lighting leaves great daytime and night time options for their up-coming tour and festival dates.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Cheif Designer | Fabrication | Production Design

    THE BEAT NEST_ Treehouse DJ Platform_ 2013 AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL

    Initially created for the house music stage at Lightning in a Bottle Festival, this DJ platform was meant to break the boundaries of what is expected from a DJ booth. And array of light and color to brighten up the dance floor day and night.

  • Art Direction | Fabrication | Production Design

    Infected Mushroom_ Army of Mushrooms Tour_ 2012/13 Currently Touring

    This dynamic set was technically designed and specifically engineered for non-traditional projection mapping as its forced perspective lines are intended to accentuate 3-dimensional forms.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer

    The Cloud_ Coachella 2013

    Created for the Do Lab stage installation at Coachella Music Festival, Vita Motus co-designed an interactive elevated circus performance platform. Layers of rectangular scrim flown above a circus stage that also mists water and haze to allow for dynamic lighting and media plays on particles and translucent layers

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer

    Do Lab Misting Oasis_ Coachella 2013 AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL

  • Production Design

    American Idol_ Season 11_ Live Stage 2012 Broadcast Feb 28 - May 23

    The vision for this American Idol set design adds sweeping lines, a clean and sophisticated environment and exciting new technology to the stage breathing new life into an 11-year old show.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer | Fabrication

    Dance Temple_ Boom Festival_ Portugal 2012

    The Do Lab and Vita Motus joined creative forces again with Boom Festival to build the biggest project any of us have ever created.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer | Fabrication

    Water Chandelier_ Marquee Club_ Las Vegas 2012

    Do Lab and Vita Motus designed and fabricated a chandelier water-sculpture that is currently installed over the pool at the roof top Marquee Club in Las Vegas.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Cheif Designer

    Triad Structure_ 2011/12 Available for rental

    This Triad Stage envisioned for Lighting in a Bottle balances both a modern sensibility felt in the bright color spectrum, with the architecture, which was inspired by and modeled after ancient tribal structures.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer

    Do Lab Misting Oasis_ Coachella_ 2011

    We approached this installation with the vision to create a look that defies gravity. To achieve an illusion of suspension, our center arch of aluminum truss is supported by an array of cables.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer

    Do Lab Misting Oasis_ Coachella_ 2010 Available for rental

    This stage was designed to break from the usual square truss the festival goer will normally see.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer

    Pagoda_ The Do Lab_ 2012 Available for rental

    Blending architecture and sculpture, a 360-degree event-scape was built to immerse the festival participant in a multi-sensory experience

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer

    Do Lab Misting Oasis_ Coachella_ 2009

    Here, the client wished to create a unique multidimensional art installation as performance space, inspired by the creative concepts and community conscious-driven designs of The Do Lab.

  • Art Direction & 3D CAD | Co-Designer

    Do Lab Misting Oasis_ Coachella_ 2008

    Our client encouraged us to create a stage that was informed by the Do Lab and Vita Motus's artistic sense of craftsmanship and approach as a distinct departure from traditional concert stage structures.