Ending 2019 in true spectacle, Vita Motus finished off a run of projects in China with a New Year’s Eve stadium show. This massive design envelops the audience with two interconnected sub-stages and a deep thrust, presenting artists with several dynamic performance spaces and powerful looks. Drawing loosely from Wuxing philosophy, each performance space embodies the elements: air, fire, water, metal, wood. Tying these elements into modernity, hand-sculpted goddess busts coated with silver leaf can be seen wearing augmented reality eye-wear that is “plugged in” to the stage deck’s circuitry network. The design is meant to be seen as an interdependent digital mythology and was praised by Chinese audiences.

Additionally, the stage boasts several technical and kinetic mechanics in the form of riser lifts on stage right and left, a rotating center thrust lift, and an expanding / contracting cube in center stage lined with X4 lighting fixtures. The fire sub-stage featured an array of flame units behind a tetrahedral LED sculpture. The opposite sub-stage housed a recessed floor in which performers waded in a shallow pool behind wall of falling water, refracting multicolored light. Performers access the main stage through a sliding upstage wall, or by bridges from stage left and right, wrapping around the busts and descending to center stage.

This project solidified our partnerships in China and propelled Vita Motus into a truly global force operating in the biggest growing markets in the world.